Do the Thing that Makes Your Heart Sing

The greatest gift you can give to the world is yourself. Your own, unique, creative self. To make something out of nothing is a sacred and holy act. 

If what you dream will bring forth any good, if it will make another feel less alone, if it will put words or melody to a person’s emotions, if it will satisfy a need or make someone smile, you need not wonder if you should do that thing or not.

For that desire, that idea, has been divinely planted inside of you to bring forth goodness to the world. 

Make music, sing songs, speak truth, write words, tell stories. Do the thing that makes you feel most alive. Your passion is like a compass that points you in the direction of your purpose.

You never know what you’re capable of until you try. But if you do try, promise me that you’ll give it your all. Devote your time, study your craft and practice until it becomes second nature. And then, share that gift with as many people as you can. To give the world the gift of yourself is the most generous gift of all.

Published by Jennifer Jivan

Writer, speaker, Jesus follower, wife, mom and lover of a good cup of coffee.

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